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Pro 3 Caravan Tracking

Pro 3 Caravan Tracking

The Pro 3 lets you keep an eye on your caravan around the clock, helping to keep your asset safe and damage-free.  


  • Thatcham S7 Approved Caravan GPS Tracking System
  • Motion Detection with Control Centre Alert
  • Keep an Eye on Your Caravan from Wherever You Are


Monthly, Annual and 5 year Subscription Options


Click this link to access the Moving Intelligence website for more info.

  • Tech Specs

    Motion Detection

    Pro3 senses movement and reports to us as soon as there is any interference with your vehicle, so that we can ensure you are aware of any potential damage or theft.

    View Your Caravans Location

    Anywhere you go (with internet connection), the Pro 3 device will pinpoint the caravan or motorhomes location within an 8-foot range of accuracy. This allows you to check and ensure your caravan is safe where ever you are.

    Protect Your Caravan

    To ensure our products are installed and working correctly, we have built-up a nationwide network of accredited installers. These deliver a professional fitting service for all our products and offer a full parts and labour guarantee. So, no matter where you are in the UK, we can arrange fitting to suit you and give you complete peace of mind that your tracker, that will work exactly as they are supposed to

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