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iTrack Tracking System

iTrack Tracking System

Our leading standalone tracker!


iTrack is an effective, affordable Thatcham S5 vehicle tracking system and one of our leading products. Specially designed with you and your vehicle's security in mind, the iTrack wired-in unit pushes towing, low battery, and motion detection notifications straight to your phone. With our easy-to-use app, you can even immobilise your motorhome in just a few clicks. 


Click this link to access the Moving Intelligence website for more info.

  • More Information

    Experience the next level of vehicle protection and tracking with the iTrack system—an advanced, budget-friendly solution for ensuring the security and safety of your assets. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, you can feel at ease knowing that your vehicle is always protected and monitored in real-time. Put your worries to rest and experience the peace of mind that comes with the iTrack system.

  • Tech Specs

    There are 4 types of iTrack trackers, starting with the S7 basic model which gives you -

    24 Hour Control Centre

    Roaming SIM

    Tow Alerts

    Power Cut Alerts

    Low Power Alerts

    My Phantom



    The iTrack + gives you the above with Alarm Interface/Motion Sensor for £349

    The iTrack S5 gives you the above with Automatic Driver Recognition for £499

    The iTrack S5 Ultimate gives you the above with Automatic Driver Recognition and Immobilisation for £599

    S5 is the highest registered Thatcham insurance category and is required for higher-cost vehicles. This includes Driver Recognition (ADR), which triggers an alert if your vehicle is moved without a tag present.

    The S5 Ultimate system also immobilises your vehicle if it is moved without an ADR tag. You can also immobilise and mobilise your vehicle remotely using our app.

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