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EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station

EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station

Wireless version not available.

Hold power in your hand with the EcoFlow RIVER mini. With the ability to grab and go 210Wh capacity, and huge output for its size, you can rest assured your devices keep powered no matter where you are.


A plethora of ports From traditional wall sockets to USB-A and USB-C outlets you’ve got greater port options than power banks, with much more power.


Lightning-fast charging With EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology, you can charge from 0-80% in 60 minutes from a wall socket.

Charge numerous devices With numerous outlets you can power up to 9 devices* simultaneously.


Take it anywhere Designed with mobility in mind, it’s compact and lightweight making it easy to take wherever you go.


  • Tech Specs

    Net Weight

    Approximately 2.85kg





    DC Input

    11-39V 100W, 8A Max

    AC Input

    220-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz, 1.4A Max

    AC Output

    Pure Sine Wave, 300W total (Surge 600W), 230V~(50Hz/60Hz)

    Wireless Output (Only for RIVER mini Wireless)

    15W Max

    USB-C Output (Only for RIVER mini Wireless)

    100W, 5A Max

    USB-A Output

    5V 2.4A

    DC Output

    12.6V 10A

    Cell Chemistry


    Cycle Life

    80%+ capacity after 500 cycles

    Discharge Temperature

    -20°C to 45°C

    Charge Temperature

    0°C to 45°C

    Optimal Operating Temperature

    20°C to 30°C

    Storage Temperature

    -20°C to 45°C

    Shelf Life

    1 year (after a full charge)

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