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Cinderella Travel Incineration Toilet

Cinderella Travel Incineration Toilet

Customised for caravans and motorhomes


Cinderella Travel, the combustion toilet for caravans and motorhomes, represents a whole new way of thinking about waste management. Cinderella Travel is manufactured in Norway, and renowned for its long life, high quality, high capacity – not to mention its sustainable, environmentally friendly design and performance with no polluting emissions.  Cinderella Travel makes it convenient and hygienic to get rid of toilet waste, whether you are on the road or permanently installed at a campground. 


Cinderella’s incineration toilets incinerate urine and excrement at a high temperature, leaving only a small amount of ash. Four people using the toilet for a week will only produce about one teacup of ash. Cinderella is a total waste solution, in that it gets rid of all toilet waste. And, it doesn’t have to be transported elsewhere, as required by other toilet systems.


Cinderella Travel was launched on the market in 2013 and is a further development of the popular Cinderella Eco Group incineration toilets that have been available since 1999. Travel is environmentally friendly and does not require a connection to the power grid. All you need is propane and 12V control current.


Easy to use

Cinderella incineration toilets are easy to use, and Cinderella toilet bags safely transport the waste to the combustion chamber. This makes the toilet very hygienic and clean, compared to other options. Lift up the lid and seat. Place an original Cinderella toilet bag in the bowl and put the seat back down. Use the toilet as normal and put the lid down when you are done. Press the “flush button” and the bag is released into the combustion chamber. The toilet is now ready for use again.


In most cases, Cinderella Travel may be installed as a replacement toilet in existing motor homes. Such replacement installation will require removal of the old toilet solution, installation of infrastructure for 12V power and gas, and sufficient air supply to the toilet must be secured. 


Cinderella Travel can either be retrofitted by you or by our expert professionals to ensure maximum performance (recommended).  If you choose to fit it yourself you will need an installation kit and air inlet flange (sold separately).   If you require installation please get in touch for a quote

  • Details and Specifications

    • Voltage 12VDC
    • Stand-by power 0.005 Amp
    • Incineration power 1.3 Amp
    • Gas propane (30m Bar)
    • Incineration power 3000W (burning)
    • Height: 540mm
    • Height (seat): 490mm
    • Width: 390mm
    • Depth: 590mm
    • Weight: 20kg
    • Capacity: up to 6 persons
  • Travel Features

    • This toilet uses propane gas and 12VDC
    • Insertable bowl liners
    • 110g propane per flush
    • 2 year guarantee
    • 12VDC touchpad operation
    • Child safe
    • All that remains is pure ash
    • Eco credentials
    • No need for drainage or water
    • Optimal incineration process                             
    • Suitable for mobile and off-grid applications

    Comes with chimney and extension

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