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4G Shark Compact

4G Shark Compact

4G Shark Antenna & 4G Compact Router – VW Conversions

  • Best suited to VW / small conversions
  • Vehicle or Portable Use
  • Quick Mount Docking Station
  • 150 Mbps CAT 4
  • 10 Wireless Devices
  • 25-50m WiFi Range
  • On-Screen Display
  • WiFi Repeater Mode
  • Easy to use smart phone app

Ideal for: 1-2 concurrent users, web browsing & leisure



  • More Information

    Designed for low line campervans, VW conversions and commercial vehicle use.

    The 4G Sharkfin Roof Antenna is discreet and has a low visual impact as well as being ground plane independent. It can give you a significant improvement over the performance of your mobile phone, even in remote and rural locations.

    The Shark can even be mounted on top of a pop top conversion due to minimal height and automotive styling.

    The compact router is mounted discreetly on the wall-mounted docking station. Located inside a cupboard or locker, this provides WiFi throughout your vehicle for use stationary or in motion.

    Choose to manage the device via the simple on-screen display, or download the free app onto your phone or tablet to access data management tools, change passwords or even turn off before bed.

    With a 1500ma battery, you can remove and use the router portably if you wish, meaning your data allowance can be taken with you.

Colour: black
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